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Playing with past and present, fiddling with fact and fiction, and toying with traditional forms of tale-telling. We are a troupe of actor-musicians who aim to make audiences laugh, think, and tap their toes with our inventive and rambunctious shows

Kate Stokes
Co-Artistic Director, Writer & Performer

Thomas Manson
Co-Artistic Director, Writer & Performer

Sophie Jackson
Musician & Performer

Ash Scott

George Meredith
Performer & Writer

Daniel Duncan
Performer & Musician

Chris Jones

Alison Cowling
Performer & Musician

OuR ShoWs

The Cabinet of Madame Fanny Du Thé

You are cordially invited to take a peep inside Madame Fanny Du Thé’s Cabinet of Curiosities. Unsatisfied with the expectations thrust upon her as an aristocratic Georgian young lady to stay still and look pretty, Fanny has ventured across seas and explored the world. Now she’s back, and she wants to share her new-found wordly wisdom with you, you lucky devils. Reach into her cabinet to see what curio grabs you, and let Fanny enlighten you with her titillating, musical tales. Will you fondle the Frenchman’s finger? Will you pinch the cursed cherub’s cheek? There’s only one way to find out – come along and sneak a peek.

Written and Directed by Tom Manson and Kate Stokes
Music by Tom Manson and Sophie Jackson
Additional Material Written by George Meredith

 Madame Fanny (4)

The Dead of Night in the Middle of Nowhere

Welcome to The Middle of Nowhere! Where people eat their words, cry over spilt milk and let cats out of the bag – our musical play tells the story of a fictional medieval town where all of the weird and wonderful idioms in the English language were founded.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder – so naturally the notoriously ugly King Silverspoon wants all of the eyes in the kingdom. But when he hears news of a ferocious beast with one big, beautiful eye lurking in the woods outside of town, a wild adventure beckons and all hell breaks loose.

Written and Directed by Tom Manson and Kate Stokes
Music by Tom Manson and Sophie Jackson



“Their energy is boundless, the script fiercely intelligent and the original live music bound to stay dancing through your head.”
 The Guardian’s Best Shows at the Edinburgh Festival 2018

“Energetic, rich storytelling and seasoned with a generous helping of genuine fun.”
A Younger Theatre

“Turning tired adults back into curious children, always ready for another unbelievable story.”
Theatre Weekly

“Through a whirlwind of tall tales and song, Riddlestick Theatre had me hanging onto their every oddity.”
Ed Fringe Review

“Creative, imaginative theatre at its very best.”
Bristol 24/7

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